HTML5 Tools


LayaAir HTML5 Engine

The stable release of LayaAir 1.0.0 was recently released and developers have reason to be excited. Part of the LayaBox framework, it is an open source HTML5 engine developed for …Read more

GitHub Project – BoxArt

If you need some help building HTML games, you can turn to BoxArt, an open DOM (Document Object Model) project. It’s a project in it’s early stages, but it uses …Read more


Adding Physics to you game can add a wide array of new and interesting gameplay features. Creating a physics system to do that though is time-consuming, and you would usually …Read more

Games Mechanics Explorer

Game Mechanics Explorer is a brand new collection of concrete examples for various game mechanics, algorithms, and effects. The examples include platformer movement, lighting, ballistics, gravity, and more. They are …Read more

GameMix is a free cross-promotion network for HTML5 games.

GameMix is a free cross-promotion network for HTML5 games. Other games in the network send new users to your games as you send your users to theirs. All automated & …Read more

Frost Web Toolkit for HTML5 Game Development with Unity‘s Frost Web Toolkit is a toolkit for Unity game developers to create games for HTML5 using the awesome Unity Editor and scripting environment. Check out the promotional video below …Read more

Most HTML5 game developers choose a game engine to develope their game with – it makes the process much easier since you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. The problem …Read more

Developing games is hard. It’s even more difficult if you have to take care of all the tedious features like payment processing, achievements, leaderboards, social integration, etc. That’s why …Read more

Odobo: HTML5 Game Development platform for the regulated gambling industry

Odobo has launched an HTML5 powered Game Development Kit combined with a royalty portal to allow you to create HTML5 Games for the Gambling industry. Odobo is targeting the regulated, …Read more

CoffeeScript Source Maps

One of the primary reasons developers give as staying away from CoffeeScript in the browser – the need to debug generated code – is no long a valid reason. Support …Read more

Painting the DOM to Canvas with Domvas

Domvas is a tool that uses what amounts to a backdoor via SVG to allow you to turn DOM elements into images that can be painted onto a Canvas. Why …Read more

WebGL Inspector

WebGL inspector is a tool let’s you dig down into your WebGL calls and see exactly what’s going on. From the website: “WebGL Inspector is a tool inspired by gDEBugger …Read more

Cannon.js: 3D JavaScript Physics written from scratch

Cannon.js is a nice-looking, simple 3D physics engine for the web, inspired by three.js and ammo.js, but written from scratch in JavaScript and using an iterative Gauss-Seidel solver to solve …Read more

Physijs: Physics plugin for Three.js

Physijs is a Physics library for Three.js built on top of Ammo.js that makes it easy to integrate 3D Physics onto your Three.js applications. Check out the site page for …Read more HTML5 Game Engine Page has a nice breakdown and categorization of HTML5 Game Engines (in addition to iOS and Android ones), break engines down by Platform, 2d/3d, License and skill level See the …Read more