HTML5 Tools

CocoonJS HTML5 Native App Acceleration and Monetization tool

CocoonJS is a HTML5 wrapper technology from ludei that allows you to package your HTML5 game on mobile devices, including iOS and Android, with no code changes and benefit from …Read more

Zynga Scroller

The bread and butter of social games are isometric or top down simplified RTS resource building games. If that’s the type of game you are making, you’re going to need …Read more

Zynga Jukebox

Zynga’s Jukebox is: “A component for playing sounds and music with the usage of sprites with a special focus on performance and cross-device deployment. It is known to run even …Read more

MotionComposer – HTML5 Animation Package

Can you create a presentation using Microsoft® PowerPoint® or Apple® Keynote®? If so, then you also can create Flash® andHTML5 animations with MotionComposer. Unlike most tools MotionComposer does not use …Read more

Stitches: An HTML5 CSS sprite sheet generator

Stiches is a HTML5 CSS Sprite Sheet Generate that lets you drag and drop files onto the browser and output a sprite sheet and stylesheet. [Via] Share List

gamepad.js library for gamepad and joystick support in browser

gamepad.js is a Javascript library to enable using gamepads and joysticks in the browser. It smoothes over the differences between browsers, platforms, APIs, and the wide variety of gamepad/joystick devices. …Read more

Free game graphics and audio resources

Scoreoid has a great post on resources for Global Game Jam 2012, including good links of free art and sound resources. Some of the list: HasGraphics – Free Graphics for …Read more

JSWiki: List of JavaScript resources

A Nice list by Juho Vepsäläinen of JavaScript resources. Including: Game Engines Physics libraries Animation libraries Audio libraries Scene graphs Full Wiki, including non-game related JavaScript resources at: Share …Read more

HTML5 Please

With the tagline: “Use the new and shiny responsibly” HTML5 Please provides a succinct recommendation for which parts of the HTML5 and related standards are good to use and which …Read more


From the website: CAAT is a multi-instance director-based scene-graph manager. It is able to render using Canvas, WebGL and CSS with the same code base. Features actors, containers, scene transitions, …Read more

PXLoader – A JavaScript Preloader for HTML5 Apps

PixelLab has released a JavaScript library to simplify the download of images, sound files and other various assets for HTML5 games called PxLoader. Here’s a basic example from the site: …Read more

GLSL Sandbox

A online gallery created by Javi Fontan and Diego Goberna and the WebGL hero MrDoob showcasing various WebGL shaders with their code. Share List

WebGLGap: WebGL in PhoneGap

A Small research project released by Scirra (Makers of Construct 2 A visual HTML5 Game Development Tool) have released a plugin for PhoneGap called WebGLGap that exposes a subset of …Read more

Weinre: a mobile-friendly remote web inspector

One of the major pain points of doing mobile development has been debugging. With all the great tools available on desktop browsers to do everything from profiling to step debugging, …Read more

ShapeSmith: a WebGL 3d Modeler

ShapeSmith is an open-source WebGL based 3D Modelling project that aims to make “creating printable 3D models accessible to anyone with a modern browser” – but it could definitely have …Read more

Box2DJs: a 2D Javascript Physics Engine

Box2Djs is a Javsacript port of the Actionscript port of the C++ 2D Physics Engine Box2D. It was ported form the action script using a automated script, so it shares …Read more