HTML5 Tools

CoffeeScript Source Maps

One of the primary reasons developers give as staying away from CoffeeScript in the browser – the need to debug generated code – is no long a valid reason. Support …Read more

WebGL Inspector

WebGL inspector is a tool let’s you dig down into your WebGL calls and see exactly what’s going on. From the website: “WebGL Inspector is a tool inspired by gDEBugger …Read more

Zynga Scroller

The bread and butter of social games are isometric or top down simplified RTS resource building games. If that’s the type of game you are making, you’re going to need …Read more

Zynga Jukebox

Zynga’s Jukebox is: “A component for playing sounds and music with the usage of sprites with a special focus on performance and cross-device deployment. It is known to run even …Read more

Stitches: An HTML5 CSS sprite sheet generator

Stiches is a HTML5 CSS Sprite Sheet Generate that lets you drag and drop files onto the browser and output a sprite sheet and stylesheet. [Via] Share List

JSWiki: List of JavaScript resources

A Nice list by Juho Vepsäläinen of JavaScript resources. Including: Game Engines Physics libraries Animation libraries Audio libraries Scene graphs Full Wiki, including non-game related JavaScript resources at: Share …Read more