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Introducing FBmessengergames

Facebook Messenger’s 1 billion users were treated to a new feature that rolled out in November 2016: Instant Games. The new cross-platform gaming experience was initially launched with 17 titles, …Read more

Locate That Landmark

Locate That Landmark is a nice showcase of how education and gaming can be found in a single, simple web game. UK’s Media media house JCDecaux has always been focused …Read more

Wrestling With Emotions

Wrestling With Emotions goes full on whacky right off the start when you make your avatar and set him on a speed-dating for wrestlers course, trying to find the perfect …Read more

Superpowers: Game Engine For Indies

Superpowers is a free game making tool that targets indie developers. It can create both 2D and 3D games which allow for flexibility and what you can create.  Superpowers is …Read more

Boston Festival of Indie Games on Kickstarter

The Boston Festival of Indie Games, one of the premier, community-run Indie Game Festivals in the country celebrating independent game development in New England and neighboring regions has launched a …Read more

Nintendo Web Framework

Nintendo announced the upcoming WebKit and HTML5-based Nintendo Web Framework at GDC this week for the Wii U Details are still sketchy but details of the GDC session are: The …Read more

Ludei Adding WebGL support

Ludei is adding WebGL support to it’s iOS and Android wrappers – giving developers full 3D support on the two dominant smartphone platforms for their 3D WebGL games and Apps. …Read more

WebRTC Data Channel in Firefox Nightly and Chrome Canary

While WebSockets was a carrot for HTML5 developers imagining smooth multi-player games natively in the browser, the truth was that a TCP-based centralized mechanism was never going to cut it …Read more


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Google adds WebGL support to Chrome Flags in latest Android beta

Google has finally made it easy to turn on WebGL on it’s flagship Chrome for Android browser. Simply make sure you have the latest Beta from the Play store and …Read more

The top 20 HTML5 Games

.net Magazine has a nice round up by Rob Hawkes of a great selection of HTML5 Games, pulled from different genres and technologies. Read .net Magazine’s Top 20 HTML5 Games …Read more