HTML5 News

PayOne HTML5 API by PaymentOne

Mobile payment company PaymentOne has launched a new HTML5 Payment API with the goal of allow developers to create write-once cross platform games with HTML5 and but take advantage of …Read more

HTML5 Rocks new site relaunch

HTML5 Rocks, a Google sponsored project aimed at pushing the web forward has relaunched with a nice new theme and some new organization and content. Check out the Gaming landing …Read more

TechCrunch: Gamification Grows Up

TechCrunch has a post talking about how the phenomenon known as Gamification has grown up, quoting Gartner recommendation that all CIOs should have gamification on their radar and research from …Read more

AirMech goes Native Client

What does HTML5 Game Development encompass these days? That’s a tough question when you consider Google’s Native client (NaCl) – it’s definitely not HTML/CSS/JavaScript based, but at the same time …Read more

HTML5 only: no flash on Chrome Android

Adobe released a statement confirming that since development of Flash mobile has stopped, there will be no forthcoming release of Flash on the newly-released mobile browser. This confirms what most …Read more

HTML5 vs. Flash Inforgraphic

I almost didn’t want to post this because it’s such a one-sided viewpoint (no discussion of mobile, closed ecosystem, speed of innovation, etc), but it’s still a good graphic to …Read more