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The top 20 HTML5 Games

.net Magazine has a nice round up by Rob Hawkes of a great selection of HTML5 Games, pulled from different genres and technologies. Read .net Magazine’s Top 20 HTML5 Games …Read more

The Future of Games on the Web

Rob Hawkes has written an excellent post on the future of Web (particularly plugin-free HTML5) games. One of his main points is that people have been porting games from other …Read more

Mozilla's Game On Competition 2013

The Mozilla Foundation has launched this years “Game On” Competition, which challenges participants to create games for the Open Web. Prizes include an all-expenses-paid trip to GDC 2013 and marketing …Read more

Ludei Cloud Compiler launches

Ludei, makers of CooconJS and CAAT, have announced the release of their Cloud Compiler. The Ludei Cloud Compiler allows you to take your HTML5 game and compile it into the …Read more