HTML5 News

Webcam access in Opera Labs

The Opera Browser desktop team has written a blog post on how access to the WebCam is available in Opera Labs and is up to date with the getusermedia specification. …Read more

AT&T HTML5 Mobile App Store

The HTML5 Bandwagon got kicked into the next gear with the announcement at CES 2012 that AT&T is developing an HTML5 App store for devices on it’s mobile network for …Read more

Partnership with

We’ve pleased to announce we’ve partnered up with to exchange HTML5 Game Developer related news and information. Look for more news and info coming in from across the pond. …Read more

HTML5 Gaming 2011 and 2012

Justin Siegal , the CEO of Boston based mobile social network MocoSpace was written an article on forbes titled The 10 Most Important Events In Mobile Gaming In 2011. Regarding …Read more