HTML5 Engines

Phaser HTML5 Game Framework

Phaser is a fast, fun, and desktop and mobile HTML5 framework. It comes with a host of features, so possibilities with it are nearing limitless. These features include tilemap support, …Read more

Quintus Engine

The Quintus engine is a simple HTML5 game engine designed to be modular and lightweight, with a concise JavaScript-friendly syntax. 

DivSugar, a CSS-based 3D Graphics Engine

DivSugar is a CSS3 based 3D graphics engine. While it’s not as performant as a WebGL might be for full games, the fact that it uses CSS3 means that it can easily be integrated into existing sites and be used for casual games.

IvanK Lib: a WebGL based HTML5 engine

IvanK Lib is a HTML5 Engine inspired by Flash (the tag line is actually “Like Flash, but faster” that uses the power of GPU accelerated WebGL to render 2d graphics on the screen.

GameMaker HTML5

GameMaker HTML5 is an HTML5 port of the commercial GameMaker game building system currently in open beta.


RPG.js is a HTML5 Game Framework focused on building 2.5D Zelda Bitmap-based Role Playing Games.


WebGL framework for Data Visualization, Creative coding and Game Development


A modern, well-supported commercial HTML5 games engine.