Unity’s Pricing Scheme Changes Open Letter

Unity’s Pricing Scheme Changes

In an open letter to the Unity community, the company announced the details of Unity’s pricing scheme changes. In the letter, the Personal plan will remain free and there will …Read more

Unity Game Engine Pricing Fee

Unity Game Engine Pricing Fee

Early in September 2023, Unity Technologies announced the Unity game engine pricing fee. Starting on 1 January 2024, the company will charge game developers a fee (2 tiers) for each …Read more

HTML5 Games for E-Commerce Business banner

HTML5 Games for E-Commerce Business

E-commerce businesses such as business-to-consumer (B2C) and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) models often support HTML5 on their websites or mobile apps. This setup makes HTML5 games for e-commerce businesses a trouble-free add-on …Read more

Classic Arcade Games for Virtual Events

Classic Arcade Games for Virtual Events

Classic arcade games for virtual events and gatherings exemplify present-day icebreakers. HTML5 games are often used for building these icebreakers since they are easily hosted on websites and shared with …Read more


HTML5 Games for HR Technology

Games for HR technology are often used to engage applicants during recruitment events or programs. Today, many businesses are developing HTML5 Games as gamification strategies.  One of the benefits of …Read more

GPT3 Voting Board

One of the lighter sides of the GPT3 AI is its cleverness to crack original jokes and funny remarks. They’re so funny that some users have collected a number of …Read more