Voxel Chrome Experiment

Voxel-based games are the rage right now across every platform. Minecraft, one of the most purchased game of all time, is voxel based and shows just how popular this style …Read more

The Night Henry Allen Died

The Night Henry Allen died is a two-dimensional isometric game that I like because its story was driven style. You show up one evening to help your friend Henry Allen, …Read more

Resonance Box Chrome Experiment

A recent HTML5 Chrome Experiment by the name of the Resonance Box released that allowed users to input their own outside force in the form of sounds resonance. They are …Read more

Defold Game Engine From King

King, the developers of hit mobile titles such as Candy Crush, have released a 2D game engine for use recently. The engine, Defold, which boasts quick and easy development that …Read more

Chrome Music Lab

While being able to see visually how computers handle sound data is fascinating, it is also extremely fun. A recent Chrome Experiment came out called the Chrome Music Lab does …Read more

Let’S Play Simulator

Let’s plays have really taken off in recent years. Previously YouTube gaming had focused around the gameplay commentaries, but now the playthroughs have taken over. One of the biggest names …Read more

Storytelling Game: Capacity

I’m a massive fan of games that don’t just have run and gun action. While those are fun in their own right, the game that evokes emotion are masterpieces. Capacity …Read more

SUPERHOTline Miami

What would happen if you took the time bending style of gameplay in Superhot where the game only moves when you do and the top down madness of Hotline Miami? …Read more

CreateJS Modular Tool System

CreateJS is not similar to a lot of other HTML5 game engines. CreateJS is a package of modular tools and libraries that work together or independently for your project. These …Read more

Mobs, Inc. Ludum Dare Winner

The Ludum Dare is a three day from scratch game development contest and has tons of entries every time it occurs. For the 33rd Ludum Dare that happened to be …Read more

Game Making Toolkit Voxel.js

Originally created by two non-game developers Voxel.js is an easy and fun toolkit to create your very own Minecraft like games for a web browser. Now after being released as …Read more

Google Pac-Man Doodle

May 21 of 2010 marked the 30th Anniversary of the beloved arcade game Pac-Man. Google like most other important events made a new Doodle to highlight it. Created with HTML5, …Read more

Panda.js HTML5 Game Engine

Another fantastic HTML5 Game Engine I’ve found is Panda.js. It like many others hosts a bunch of features to help you quickly and easily develop games. This is because native …Read more

90’s Style Shooter Xibalba

I love the old classic shooters. Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein were revolutionary and even today hold up as gaming masterpieces. So when I saw Xibalba I was super excited to …Read more

Procedurally Generated HTML5 City

Procedurally Generated games offer a lot to the player. It allows for completely random and new worlds for the player to explore that are unique to everyone. What someone experiences …Read more

Tissot Tackles HTML5 Game

Luxury watchmakers Tissot recently launched a game called Tissot Tackles that was created in HTML5. Tissot Tackles is set in the rugby world where you dodge enemies as you run …Read more

Flappy Bird HTML5 Tutorial

A youtube channel by the name of development hub has recently launched a new video series of game development tutorials. In this playlist, they outline how to create a Flappy …Read more