html5 playable ads

HTML5 Playable Ads for Brands

Traditional advertising strategies can burn your marketing budget, despite its effectiveness. Thankfully, the advancement of mobile devices fostered the boom of HTML5 playable ads. These ads are mini-games that give …Read more

procedurally generated planet

Procedurally-Generated Planet

This procedurally-generated planet is a HTML5 experiment where you can modify your own virtual Earth. You can modify the planet through HTML, CSS, or JS. Afterward, run your own experiment …Read more

polygon marker

Polygon Maker for Phaser

The Polygon Maker for Phaser is a Windows application that lets you trace the outlines of any image you upload. Made for Phaser 2, this tool allows users to export …Read more

ThreeJS Geometric Shapes Tutorial

The ThreeJS geometric shapes tutorial can help you get creative when designing and transforming game assets. You will learn neat tricks about moving, scaling, and rotating shapes. The tutorial also …Read more

Phaser 3 Atlas Packer

The Atlas Packer is a web-based tool for creating textured atlases of character sprites. With this tool, you can easily compile multiple images and reduce the atlas size. To use …Read more

game a tron 4000

Game-a-Tron 4000 Game Engine

The Game-a-Tron 4000 is a game engine that uses the Azure Bot Service and Bot Builder SDK frameworks for creating adventure games. The Azure Bot Service allows developers to build, …Read more


Quest.Ai Multimedia Editor

Quest.AI is an online editor for game development and other multimedia projects. This is mostly used for creating animations. With this editor, you can easily create animations and tweens minus …Read more


HSynth Morse Code Music Maker

HSynth is a Google Chrome experiment that allows users to create music using Morse code. There are two modes in this music maker. The first is Create, wherein the player …Read more

artemis animation editor

Artemis Animation Timeline Editor

The Artemis Animation Editor is a useful tool for animating various objects, while also viewing them in real-time. This editor supports keyframes and animation curves. You can transform the object’s …Read more

hello emmett

Hello Emmett Gboard Morse Game

Hello Emmett is a Google Chrome experiment game that is made for the Gboard Morse keyboard. The goal is to help your character reach the end of the puzzle by using Morse …Read more

UI Blocks for Phaser 3

UI Blocks is a Phaser 3 component that works as a better alternative to containers. A developer created this blog post that explains the block’s advantages over other groups and …Read more