Lostcast Episode 9: That's Rich

Lostcast is a Podcast about HTML5 Games put out periodically by Lost Decade Games. The most recent episode is from a couple days ago and talks with HTML5GameDevs.com writer Richard …Read more

Mozilla App Store

Mozilla is launching their HTML5 App Store project. at apps.mozillalabs.com with a summary description of: The Mozilla Labs Apps project is an initiative by Mozilla, the non-profit Firefox developer and …Read more

Game Closure Raise $12 Million

Showing that there’s serious money in HTML5 games (at least if you’re getting it from VCs) Html5 game company Game Closure has raised a $12 million round from a group …Read more

PayOne HTML5 API by PaymentOne

Mobile payment company PaymentOne has launched a new HTML5 Payment API with the goal of allow developers to create write-once cross platform games with HTML5 and but take advantage of …Read more

Isometric HTML5 Game Demo

An interesting HTML5 demo from Daniel Magliola’s gaming portfolio showing an isometric game world with per-block lighting. Share List

HTML5 Rocks new site relaunch

HTML5 Rocks, a Google sponsored project aimed at pushing the web forward has relaunched with a nice new theme and some new organization and content. Check out the Gaming landing …Read more