Lux Ahoy

I usually try not to link to HTML5 Games unless they are open-source or least have unminified source code, but every once in a while a game (such as Cut …Read more

Tron: a Canvas game in 219 bytes

Alok Menghrajani has a fantastic write-up on how he and some coworkers were able to build a fully-functioning HTML5 game using canvas in 219 bytes, including all the page HTML. …Read more

Introduction to JavaScript source maps

HTML5Rocks has a tutorial introducing JavaScript source maps, currently available in Chrome Canary or WebKit nightly (not Firefox love yet). For everyone who’s made the jump to Coffeescript, the one …Read more

Popular iPhone Games recreated in HTML5

Devstand has a post on 9 popular iPhone games that were recreated in HTML5, helping demonstrate the HTML5 as a game development platform. Read the post Share List