VIM Adventures

Mixing two of my favorite things, the venerable text editor VIM and HTML5 Games, VIM Adventures is a great way to learn the world’s best text editor. Share List launches

A Microsoft sponsored site focused on building games for the open web called has launched. Built by Boston JavaScript shop Bocoup and stocked with in-depth articles on various HTML5 …Read more

Canvas v5 API Additions

While not in any sort of sexy blog-post format, Ian Hickson has posted a list of additions to the Canvas V5 API on the whatwtg mailing list. Some nice looking …Read more

GDC 2012: Porting your game to NaCl

Google engineer Colt McAnlis gave a talk at GDC 2012 talking about the nuances of porting your existing C++ game to Native Client. Here’s the description from YouTube: “We’ll talk …Read more

Lux Ahoy

I usually try not to link to HTML5 Games unless they are open-source or least have unminified source code, but every once in a while a game (such as Cut …Read more

Tron: a Canvas game in 219 bytes

Alok Menghrajani has a fantastic write-up on how he and some coworkers were able to build a fully-functioning HTML5 game using canvas in 219 bytes, including all the page HTML. …Read more

Introduction to JavaScript source maps

HTML5Rocks has a tutorial introducing JavaScript source maps, currently available in Chrome Canary or WebKit nightly (not Firefox love yet). For everyone who’s made the jump to Coffeescript, the one …Read more