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Game Development in HTML5 W3C Online Training Course

The W3C has launched a new online course focused on HTML5 Game Development. This 4 week course starts October 31st and requires a basic knowledge of HTML, Javascript & CSS. …Read more

RIM Blackberry shows off WebGL in PlayBook Browser

RIM showed off WebGL working natively in the PlayBook browser – getting WebGL running on mobile devices (Besides this old Firefox Nokia 900 demo) would be a huge step for …Read more

Alice.js: A JavaScript library for hardware accelerated effects.

Alice.js is a small Javascript library to that makes it easy to generate hardware-accelerated 3D effects on HTML DOM elements in Javascript such as bouncing, flipping. As these effects are …Read more

AppMobi launches Impact.js GameDev XDK

HTML5 Mobile App Platform-as-a-service has launched an Impact.js powered GameDevelopment XDK More information on the AppMobi Game Development Effort Share List

Adobe acquires PhoneGap maker Nitobi

Adobe acquired the maker of the open-source HTML5 app-packaging platform PhoneGap. As part of the process, Adobe and Nitobi are donating the PhoneGap project to the Apache Software foundation to …Read more