HTML5 News

Mozilla Launches

Mozilla has launched a new website for Boot2Gecko called Book2Gecko is described as: A fully compliant and native HTML5 device. Boot2Gecko on top of the kernel & drivers: no …Read more

HTML5 Game Development Facebook, Twitter and G+

The official Facebook page up at: The official Twitter account is at:!/gamedevhtml5 The Google Plus page is up at: All are updated automatically via the …Read more

Lostcast Episode 9: That's Rich

Lostcast is a Podcast about HTML5 Games put out periodically by Lost Decade Games. The most recent episode is from a couple days ago and talks with writer Richard …Read more

Mozilla App Store

Mozilla is launching their HTML5 App Store project. at with a summary description of: The Mozilla Labs Apps project is an initiative by Mozilla, the non-profit Firefox developer and …Read more

Game Closure Raise $12 Million

Showing that there’s serious money in HTML5 games (at least if you’re getting it from VCs) Html5 game company Game Closure has raised a $12 million round from a group …Read more

PayOne HTML5 API by PaymentOne

Mobile payment company PaymentOne has launched a new HTML5 Payment API with the goal of allow developers to create write-once cross platform games with HTML5 and but take advantage of …Read more