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Mikogo HTMLViewer: Designing and Developing for Mobile Apps

[ Note: this is a guest post from the folks over at Mikogo ] Steve Jobs was right. Flash is dead. Well maybe not dead but, as he explained in …Read more

goko_logo-front launching HTML5 Game portal with Dominion, Catan World

Goko has launched a HTML5 game portal for both consumers and developers. On the developer side of things, Goko provides a set of tools that allows you to do stuff …Read more


js13kGames Contest is live!

The js13kGames contest, which runs from August 13th to September 13th, is underway. The challenge is to create a game that is under 13kb when zipped up (but read the …Read more


RIP Adobe Flash on Android

ReadWriteWeb has a post on Adobe’s abandonment of Flash on Android – starting on August 15th, Flash for Android will cease to be available via the Google Play store, effectively …Read more


Artillery Raises $2.5M To Make the Browser The Console

TechCrunch has an piece on a recent 2.5M funding round by Artillery, whose tagline is “The browser is the console.” Artillery is looking to put “Real Games” into the browser …Read more


Turbulenz: Quake 4 in the browser with WebGL

Turbulenz is showing off some very cool stuff using their WebGL powered engine. has a write-up on the details of the engine running Quake 4 assets in the browser …Read more


PlayCanvas launches with private Engine Beta

A couple of Game industry veterans are launching a new game engine called PlayCanvas. It’s an engine aimed at 3D games using HTML5 and WebGL, with a focus on providing …Read more


Google I/O Recap from a HTML5 Game Developer perspective

With Google I/O wrapping up today, I thought it a good time for a wrap up post of what the takeaways about where HTML5, and particularly HTML5 Game Development is …Read more


Wooga releases mobile HTML5 Game as open-source

Social game developer Wooga has released their HTML5 Mobile social game Pocket Island as open-source. You can check-out the details on their labs page and view the source on GitHub …Read more

Game Closure Poaches Zynga’s CTO Of Mobile To Lead HTML5 Game Development

TechCrunch is reporting that Laurent Desegur has been drawn away from social gaming powerhouse Zynga to join HTML5 Game startup Game Clojure. Sounds like that whole HTML5-game-thing has legs Read …Read more


The Great HTML5 Mobile Gaming Performance Comparison

This Post from Scirra, the makers of Construct 2, is liquid gold for HTML5 Game Developers targeting mobile (which is probably all of em) – it shows the performance of …Read more