HTML5 News

Ceilfire HTML5 Platform launches public Alpha

Ceilfire, a platform that allows users to create, publish and play HTML5-Games directly in the browser without requiring any programming skills has launched it’s public Alpha – you can see …Read more

The Future of Games on the Web

Rob Hawkes has written an excellent post on the future of Web (particularly plugin-free HTML5) games. One of his main points is that people have been porting games from other …Read more

Mozilla's Game On Competition 2013

The Mozilla Foundation has launched this years “Game On” Competition, which challenges participants to create games for the Open Web. Prizes include an all-expenses-paid trip to GDC 2013 and marketing …Read more

OnGameStart comes to New York: March 15th, 2013

OnGameStart, the original HTML5 Game Development conference, is expanding to the US with an US-based event taking place on March 15, 2013 in New York City. Michal has once again …Read more

Atari Opens up Development Kit for HTML5 Atari Arcade

Atari arcade, the Microsoft sponsored HTML5 re-imagining of Atari’s classic catalog, is opening up it’s development platform: Supported by Internet Explorer and Atari, the new Atari Arcade is a browser-based …Read more

The BoosterMedia guide to HTML5 mobile gaming

Booster Media has created an Infographic on next generation HTML5 Mobile Gaming that covers a wide range of details on Mobile HTML5 Game Development. Click the image below to view …Read more

Xbox 360 Internet Explorer Plays HTML5 Games

Adding yet another potential target platform for HTML5, Internet Explorer is included in a recent update Microsoft released include. An Early report indicates the IE9-based browser is capable of playing …Read more

Udacity launches HTML5 Game Development Course

A new course has popped up on Udacity with a couple folks from Google teaching CS255: HTML5 Game Development, Building High Performance Web Applications. It’s not quite open for enrollment …Read more

The State of Mobile HTML5 Game Development

At last night’s Boston HTML5 Game Development Meetup I presented a yearly wrap up on “The State of HTML5 Game Development” with a focus on mobile to highlight my new …Read more

AOL Refreshes with HTML5 Support

AOL Property has launched a preview of its new redesign at The new site is runs on phones and tablets and is launching with 100 HTML5 titles that …Read more

Brainworth: Play games that teach you to make games in HTML5

Brainworth is a project that aims to teach you programming with a game that lets you create games in HTML5 (once you wrap you head around that, what could be …Read more

Book Review: A Tale of Two WebGL Books

I made it through Professional WebGL Programming: Developing 3D Graphics for the Web over the past weekend and picked up and read through WebGL: Up and Running this week. As …Read more

Ludei Cloud Compiler launches

Ludei, makers of CooconJS and CAAT, have announced the release of their Cloud Compiler. The Ludei Cloud Compiler allows you to take your HTML5 game and compile it into the …Read more

Candlepin: an upcoming, curated HTML5 Game discovery and monetization platform

That’s a lot of words in the title of this article, but what Candlepin creator Andrew Rabon is aiming to do is substantial: he’s looking to create a service that …Read more

FlipCode Game Development portal is back

While not HTML5-specific, FlipCode was a site that many game developers may remember as one of the best game development communities on the web and a veritable fount of knowledge …Read more

Conclave: A tabletop-inspired Multiplayer HTML5 RPG, on Kickstarter

Conclave is an extremely innovative and interesting D&D inspired multiplayer role-playing game that is inspired by the tabletop role-playing games you used to play with groups of friends. It aims …Read more

Chinese site copies Impact.js website, sells it illegally, US ISP Softlayer ignores DMCA

A chinese website has made a blatant copy of the Impact.js website, translated it into Chinese and is attempting to sell the engine at 1/2 the normal price. Users who …Read more