HTML5 Game Dev Tutorials

Flappy Bird HTML5 Tutorial

A youtube channel by the name of development hub has recently launched a new video series of game development tutorials. In this playlist, they outline how to create a Flappy …Read more

Create a HTML5 Mario-Style Platformer Game

Pablo Fariazz has posted a tutorial on on building a Mario-style 2D Platformer in HTML5 using the Quintus game engine. Check out the full tutorial Share List

The core concepts of WebGL

I’ve you’ve had trouble wrapping your head around WebGL, the Mozilla Hack Blog has a create, very well-written introduction to the core concepts of WebGL Read the article Share List

HTML5 Web Audio API tutorial

Kyle Nau has posted an excellent 30 minute video tutorial on HTML5 Web Audio with a razor focus on using Web Audio for simply loading and playing sounds in games …Read more