HTML5 Game Dev Tutorials

HTML5 Game Course: Mobile Game Development by Example – Educational Game

Zenva has add a new course on HTML5 Game Development that walks you through the steps of building an Educational game using HTML5 that pits you against computer racers where …Read more

Developing HTML5 games (1hr video presentation)

It’s a few months old, but this talk by Anders Norås by at the Norwegian Developer Conference in June 2013 walks through creating a HTML5 Game with Quintus. Anders Norås: …Read more

Create a HTML5 Mario-Style Platformer Game

Pablo Fariazz has posted a tutorial on on building a Mario-style 2D Platformer in HTML5 using the Quintus game engine. Check out the full tutorial Share List

Creating SpaceDebris: A browser game made in Blender

SpaceDebris is a HTML5 game prototype built by using Blender and ported to HTML5 using Three.js. The level design and texturing was done in Blender and the game write-up …Read more

Creating a Mobile Educational Game with HTML5

Pablo Farías has put together an in-depth game development tutorial using the Quintus HTML5 Game Engine describing how to build a mobile educational game using HTML5. The game consists of …Read more

5 Part HTML5 Game Tutorial: Galaxian Shooter

Steven Lambert has put together a nice 5-part tutorial series explaining how to build a Galaxian-style shooter in HTML5 from the ground up. The series is geared toward beginners and …Read more

The core concepts of WebGL

I’ve you’ve had trouble wrapping your head around WebGL, the Mozilla Hack Blog has a create, very well-written introduction to the core concepts of WebGL Read the article Share List

Creating a virtual pet tutorial

Pablo Farías at Zenva has posted a tutorial on on creating a virtual pet game with HTML5. Check out the full tutorial and head over to Zenva for more …Read more

Making the Move to HTML5 as a console developer

David Galeano and Duncan Tebbs, developers at HTML5 game portal Turbulenz have posted the first part of an three part series on moving to HTML5 from console development. The talk …Read more

HTML5 Web Audio API tutorial

Kyle Nau has posted an excellent 30 minute video tutorial on HTML5 Web Audio with a razor focus on using Web Audio for simply loading and playing sounds in games …Read more

Battle on the high seas: 5-part beginner HTML5 Game Tutorial, a site dedicated to the latest and greatest in JavaScript, has a 5-part tutorial series on creating a mobile-friendly HTML5 Game called Sea Battle. It’s great tutorial for people …Read more

Pointer Lock and First Person Shooter Controls

HTML5 Rocks has a in-depth article discussing the much-heralded pointer lock API and along with an overview of how to build FPS-style mouse-powered controls. Read the article on HTML5Rocks

Create a Mobile HTML5 Farming Game

Pablo Farias has written an in-depth tutorial on Binpress on how to create a Mobile HTML5 Farming Game. The tutorial is targeted at beginners and uses the popular mobile-friendly LimeJS …Read more

Performance tips of JavaScript in V8

A great article on some very specific considerations for your code to make it take advantage of all the optimizations that V8 does these days. It includes a discussion of …Read more

HTML5 Game Starter Kit for Windows 8

The blog digitalerr0r has an excellent 3-part series on creating a HTML5 Game in Windows 8 that shows you the pieces you need to build a game for Windows 8 …Read more

4-Part Creating a Simple Windows 8 Game with JavaScript Tutorial

Chris Bowen has written a 4-part series on SitePoint on creating a game for Windows 8 using JavaScript. The tutorial series walks you through the steps of building Catapult Wars, …Read more