HTML5 Demos

Opera's Shiny Demos

Opera has released a site called Shiny, which, while not necessarily Game related do show a lot of nice HTML5 Functionality useful in general in a nice package. Share …Read more

AlteredQualia: WebGL Pasta

AlteredQualia (Warning: only go there if you have a good 20 minutes to spend watching fantastic WebGL Demos) has a nice new one titled “WebGL Pasta” – watch out for …Read more

Isometric HTML5 Game Demo

An interesting HTML5 demo from Daniel Magliola’s gaming portfolio showing an isometric game world with per-block lighting. Share List

Blocky Earth: WebGL Minecraft-like Map viewer

@thesprite has released an WebGL-mashup experiment combining real map data with a minecraft like view block-style viewer using Three.js. Below is its block-like rendering of Cape code. Share List

Ascii Fluid

Designer Nick Kwiatek posted a innovative combination of Fluid Dynamics and Ascii Art. Creative JS has some more notes. Share List

GPU Particle Attractors

A Three.js Chrome Experiment using texture and FBO to store and compute particle data. View Demo Share List

Instagram style filters in JavaScript

Alex Michael has written a GPL’d JavaScript library that let’s you apply Instagram-style filters using Canvas and JavaScript entirely client side. Code is on Github. Share List

Soul Reaper: HTML5 Scroll Book

Soul Reaper, and HTML5-based scroll book is pushing the boundaries of comic-book style story-telling by bring it to the web in parallax scrolling style. Share List

WebGL Music playing machine

An interesting almost rube-goldberg music playing machine where ping pong like balls press keys synced to the music being played. Build on the Echonest api. Share List

WebGL Particle Morph

A neat interactive WebGL demo of flying particles morphing into a few various shapes Share List

Seriously.js: Realtime Video-Compositor

BadassJS has a nice write-up on Seriously.js “A Realtime, Node-Based Video Compositor for the Web.” Check out the (WebGL-requiring) Demo. Real-time video composition effects client side in the browser. What …Read more

HTML5 WebCam Toy

An example of the cutting edge of HTML5 that uses the initial implementations of the getUserMedia spec. Currently requires Chrome Canary with –enable-media-stream flag enabled. If you don’t have Chrome …Read more