HTML5 Demos

Doodle Jump recreated in HTML5

Kushagra Agarwal (@SolitaryDesigns) has recreated the well-known native mobile game Doodle Jump in HTML5 and has put the code up on for easy review and experimentation. Share List

Three.js + ImpactJS = Crazy cool

The folks over at have created a Impact.js game demo rendered in 3D with Three.js based on the ImpactJS Jetpack Physics Demo. It shows off some nice 3D effects, …Read more

HexGL: HTML5 futuristic racing game

HexGL is an extremely impressive WebGL based racing game that let’s you race in a futuristic world (wipeout style) entirely in the browser, built with Three.js. It’s built by Thubaut …Read more

Gameboy Color Emulator

Grant Galitz has posted a working GameBoy Color emulator written in JavaScript. The source code for the emulator is up on GitHub. The demo currently includes a bunch of ROMs …Read more

Run Puma Run: HTML5 Promotional Game

Showing that HTML5 Games have started to enter the corporate consciousness, Shoemaker Puma has released a full-screen HTML5 Game called “Run Puma Run” that integrates nicely into their website (one …Read more

Angry Bergs

When it was time for Greenpeace to choose a technology for kid’s game Angry Bergs on their Shell spoof site they choose HTML5 and EaselJS to build their game. …Read more


Some developers at Google have created a HTML5 player-vs-player game built on HTML5 Canvas, WebSockets, node JS and app engine. The game is a top-down robot shooter. The code is …Read more

Building Outrun in 2D Canvas

CodeIncomplete has a neat demo and blog post on building a game similar to outschool arcade-favorite racer Outrun in HTML5 Canvas. The blog post covers the details of the first …Read more

WebGL GTA Demo

A Demo in WebGL that loads the original Grand Theft Auto data files and renders them onscreen via WebGL (the demo is limited to running around right now, with non …Read more

VIM Adventures

Mixing two of my favorite things, the venerable text editor VIM and HTML5 Games, VIM Adventures is a great way to learn the world’s best text editor. Share List

Lux Ahoy

I usually try not to link to HTML5 Games unless they are open-source or least have unminified source code, but every once in a while a game (such as Cut …Read more

Tron: a Canvas game in 219 bytes

Alok Menghrajani has a fantastic write-up on how he and some coworkers were able to build a fully-functioning HTML5 game using canvas in 219 bytes, including all the page HTML. …Read more