HTML5 Demos

One New HTML5 Game Per Week

Over at, Thomas is building one new HTML5 Game per week. The games are built using Phaser, a 2d-focused game engine, and while the feature simple graphics – they …Read more

Turing Game

Turing Game is a fun puzzle game built in HTML5 where you construct instruction circuits out of a set of available parts to guide a robot to a goal. The …Read more


Impact++ is a pretty incredible set of extensions for the Impact.js HTML5 Game engine that adds in: Realtime Dynamic Lighting Shadows Pixel Perfect Lighting Performance enhanced Box2D intergration with collision …Read more

HTML5 World of Card Games launches

Following up on the success of DOM-based HTML5 (technically HTML4) hit World of Solitaire (which tallies over a million monthly uniques as the first result when you type “Solitaire” into …Read more

Isometric Diablo-like game in 550 LOC

A simple diablo-like game with a point-and-click interface using a 2D-Canvas isometric view. Nicely done in just over 550 Lines of JavaScript. Share List

CopperCube 4.0

CopperCube is a full 3D Game development environment with support for WebGL published (in addition to Windows, Mac, Flash and now Android)

HabitRPG: Gamify Your Life

HabitRPG adds fun to habit-tracking, todo lists, and GTD by gamifying your life, turning your goals into a Role Playing Game. Level up as you succeed, lose HP as you …Read more

MMO Experiement of XKCD's 1110

The folks at PubNub have hosted a MMO World based on XKCD’s Comic 1110 masterpiece titled “Click and Drag” (which would be a 1 terra-pixel image w/o blanks removed) This …Read more

Escape Goat, HTML5 Version

In what is hopefully a continuing trend of charming indie games making their way to HTML5, Escape Goat has released a Beta of their HTML5 version (Free to play through …Read more